Thursday, May 1, 2008

RME? Tired of Paypal? Try Something New!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange Are you fed up with Paypal's fees, bad customer service and unwarranted disputes where they hold your money for what can seem like forever? I am, so I decided to check into other ways to receive payment from customers through my Etsy site and other ventures.
I recently signed up for Revolution Money Exchange. This company doesn't take any fees out of your money and they will even give you $25 if you sign up before May 15! Plus, you can get $10 just for referring a friend.
When I signed up the $25 showed up in my account immediately! I plan to use it on a fun Etsy purchase. You can even withdraw your $25 immediately and they'll send you a check!
RME is becoming very popular and lots of people are talking about it. Feel free to research it before you join - I did! I read many blogs, forum posts from Etsy members who love it - and even those who have their concerns. After researching, I made a decision that the pros outweighed the cons, and decided to take the leap!
Here are some websites that might help you make a final decision:
If you decide that RME is for you, please click on my button above to sign up. You will get $25, and I will get $10!
If you accept RME and have anything to add about this great new service, feel free to post a comment.