Monday, August 3, 2009

My Freecycle Storm Door Score

In an effort to update my blog and get things rolling again, I thought I would share my newest discount steal - my storm door. Since reading Dave Ramsey's book "The Total Money Makeover," I've been scrounging for ways to save more money, while still being able to take part in my most favorite activity - shopping! I came across Freecycle over a year ago, but didn't really get into it until the last few months. I've found that you can find some awesome deals on Freecycle and the best thing is, everything is FREE! Freecycle has also provided me with an easy way to get rid of some of my clutter to free up space around the house.
Recently, I found a storm door (something I had been wanting for years) listed on my local Freecycle. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see the post, so I emailed the lister quickly and requested the door. The only catch was that I had to pick the door up myself. So I hopped in my Jeep one Saturday morning and lifted that door with all of my might off of the owner's front porch.
The door wasn't especially eye-catching at first, but after a few coats of paint and new door hardware, it fit beautifully with my house and made a nice addition to our back yard entrance. With a little TLC, the door looks brand new and I love it!
I have found that you can find a gem in the rough, and you don't need to spend a lot of money to purchase something new. With a little research and elbow grease, you can get a new looking item for a lot less money.

From now on, I will be devoting my blog posts to coupons, deals and steals that I find in my every day searches for ways to spend less in my own life. I hope to share the deals I find so that others may be able to find the joy I have found from being a little frugal and by using unique ways to pay less. Be sure to check in on a regular basis because you never know what I may have to share!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

RME? Tired of Paypal? Try Something New!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange Are you fed up with Paypal's fees, bad customer service and unwarranted disputes where they hold your money for what can seem like forever? I am, so I decided to check into other ways to receive payment from customers through my Etsy site and other ventures.
I recently signed up for Revolution Money Exchange. This company doesn't take any fees out of your money and they will even give you $25 if you sign up before May 15! Plus, you can get $10 just for referring a friend.
When I signed up the $25 showed up in my account immediately! I plan to use it on a fun Etsy purchase. You can even withdraw your $25 immediately and they'll send you a check!
RME is becoming very popular and lots of people are talking about it. Feel free to research it before you join - I did! I read many blogs, forum posts from Etsy members who love it - and even those who have their concerns. After researching, I made a decision that the pros outweighed the cons, and decided to take the leap!
Here are some websites that might help you make a final decision:
If you decide that RME is for you, please click on my button above to sign up. You will get $25, and I will get $10!
If you accept RME and have anything to add about this great new service, feel free to post a comment.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Product Review - Use It for groceries, clothes, beach towels and so much more!

My Toshi Cloth Grocery Bag from is so much more than just a grocery bag! This is one amazing, versatile, functional bag. It is large enough to tote your groceries out of the store, instead of using a ton of plastic bags, or to carry your beach towels on your next trip to the ocean!

I most recently used this bag during a trip back to my college alma mater for a reunion. The large, padded straps on the bag made it so comfy to carry around campus the entire day! I stored my Canon DSL camera, small purse, a t-shirt, my cell phone, another tote bag (something I picked up at school), and a bottle of water in it, and I still had tons of space.

I plan to take it with me to the beach in two weeks to use as a beach bag/carryall! And I'm sure I will end of using it to tote my 3-year-old son's books, toys and emergency clothes too.

The Toshi has slightly padded handles that make carrying it comfortable wherever you use it. I had my bag custom made to include inside pockets for my credit cards and cell phone.

The bag is large at approximately 16.5" wide x 14" tall with a 4" deep gusseted side. It even comes with a really cute storage bag with a zipper, ribbons, a button or no closure. The storage bag is made in the same pattern as that used on the Toshi and makes a great place to hold your keys, wallet or other small items when your Toshi is in use.

At Mimsi Bags, just about everything is customizable! You can choose the fabric type and pattern, style of inside pockets, type of storage bag, and much more.

In celebration of Earth Day, Mimsi Bags is offering a free gift card with the purchase of the reusable Earth Day Tote Set. Or if you'd just like to order the Toshi Bag, use coupon code earth-day to get free shipping! These discounts are good until the end of April.

Please feel free to leave a comment here, and visit to check out all of their fabulous bags!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Fling Giveaway!

My Little Monkey Boutique has partnered with and other fabulous WAHM's (Work At Home Moms) to bring you another great giveaway from some of our favorite Mommy and Baby boutiques just in time for spring! I am so excited to be participating in this's bigger and better than ever! There are over 30 prizes available and all you have to do is visit and leave a comment about your favorite prizes - I hope that you will pick mine as a favorite!

My Little Monkey Boutique is giving away a personalized Name Meaning Print using a photo that you submit! This product makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift, new mom present, scrapbook keepsake or Grandparents gift!

And when you comment over at tell them that LivingaMomsLife sent you!
My Little Monkey Boutique offers a great variety of gifts for mom that would make unique and fun Mother's Day gifts - stop by my boutique to see my custom Mother's Birthstone necklaces, Mother's Photo Pendant Necklaces and Bracelets, and other beautiful custom jewelry. I also offer decorative items Mom's love, customized Mommy Calling Cards and Mommy Notecards and Hand and Foot Print keepsakes!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disco Ball Earrings Winner!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kwitty! She is the winner of the disco ball earrings created by me. Mrs. Kwitty, I will be in touch through email.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my jewelry blog post. I appreciate your comments and support! Mrs. Kwitty is a fellow Estian - check out her shop at!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun With Beads and Wire

For the past few months I have been trying my hand at creating various pieces of jewelry. It started with necklaces, then ventured into earrings and just this evening I delved into creating coil bracelets.

It is amazing how much fun creating jewelry can be. I really love picking out beads and then stringing them by their colors, sizes or shapes. I am most in love with my photo necklaces which are perfect for new moms and grandmothers. However, creating the coil bracelets is fun too. I even combined the bracelet with my photo pendants and created a coil bracelet featuring two photo pendants - one on each end.

I currently have most of my jewelry listed in my Etsy shop - I have a few of my pieces of mother's jewelry at my online boutique -

My next step is to create enough jewelry that I can showcase it at a craft fair or festival. Please take a few moments to check out my shops. Feel free to leave a comment about my jewelry. I will choose one person who leaves a comment before the end of the day on Tuesday, April 2 to receive a free pair of disco ball earrings!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Etsy Favorites!

Well in one of my most recent posts I talked about becoming absorbed in all things Etsy. So I thought it only appropriate to show you some of my most favorite findings and shops in the online shopping community.

First, a shop that provides a variety of handmade items, including my most favorite lampwork beads, is It only took one purchase of Sheltie's lampwork beads to fall in love with them. Her beads are beautiful and versatile - I have created earrings, bracelets and more with them. In addition she also specializes in glass dragons, even one named after me! I can't wait to receive my dragon - it will be my first - and may cause me to become addicted to them like I have become to Sheltie's beads.

Another favorite Etsy seller of mine is I received the most beautiful wrap bracelet - Imagine - from Heather. Made from a variety of vintage beads and buttons, this bracelet is named after John Lennon's song, Imagine. It is a beautiful bracelet.

If you're looking for baby items, you will want to check out Don't let the site name fool you, this shop also creates some wonderful items for boys too! I recently received an adorable safari security blanket perfect for a little boy! It will be a gift for my brother's baby. The material is beautiful and fabric is soft. In addition, I was lucky enough to get a very nice yard of fabric featuring zoo animals from girliemomma. I can't wait to use this colorful fabric in my next creation.

I definitely suggest taking a few moments to check out these Etsy sellers and Etsy itself. It is a wonderful community of talented people who offer some unique and very cool items. And if you stop by my shop - - I will give you 10% off any purchase over $10 when you mention this blog post.