Friday, February 8, 2008

Fighting Sciatica

It's been a couple days since blogging due to getting bit by the flu bug! But also as I was just getting over the flu it looks like I pinched my sciatic nerve. Not good!Wednesday was a day filled with unbearable pain. No matter what position I tried, I could not get relief. I couldn't sit, stand, bend, walk ... oh it was just awful. I found out it was sciatica after going to the doctor later in the day. Now I'm supposed to be getting phyiscal therapy for it, but since my insurance doesn't cover any therapist in my town - only covering a doctor ONE HOUR away - I opted for a chiropractor. Hopefully after a few more sessions next week I will be back to my normal self.Since I can't sit for long periods of time, I can't be online as much either. Oh, and guess what else I can't do for the next few days ... lift my son, carry a laundry basket, bend down to pick up stuff off the floor or vacuum. How easy is this going to be with a 3-year-old son??! Not easy at all.My house is a mess and it's all I can do not to bend over to pick things up and put them in their place. I'm going to go crazy before this is all over :)I guess one good thing that will come out of this is ... I'll definitely be motivated and ready to clean and tidy up once I'm given the go ahead!