Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mister Independent

My 3-year-old is showing his independence more and more every day. Usually he lets me know he can do his own thing by putting on his underwear by himself, or helping himself to a "blue juice" (Capri Sun) from the fridge.
This morning he decided he was going to make his own breakfast - only I wasn't awake yet and his breakfast consisted of Ice Cream Dibs. Most mornings I am woken up at 7 a.m. by my son's smiling face and his beautiful voice telling me "Time to Wake Up, the Sun's Up, Momma." Well today I woke on my own at 9 a.m. I hopped up out of bed, knowing that Reagan couldn't still be asleep. I heard the TV on in the den and as I walked around the corner, there he was sitting Indian style in our big lounge chair with the box of Dibs in his lap.
I don't know whether to be worried or eager to see what he does tomorrow.