Thursday, February 28, 2008

Product Review - Carrying your Wipes in Style

When you're a mom, you quickly find out that one of the most important and most used necessities is the diaper wipe. Whether you're using them to wipe butts, faces or noses, diaper wipes are an essential item in the world of Mom.

Little did I realize as a young mother, just how long I would be buying diaper wipes. I always thought once he's out of diapers, what's the need for the wipes. Well let me tell you, I have realized just how wrong that thought was. My son is out of diapers, but I still find uses for wipes - wiping his runny noses, cleaning his messy face, getting the food off of his clothes, and so on. At least now, I have a stylish and fun way to carry this catchall product.

While many diaper wipes manufacturers have been kind enough to provide a traveling case to tote them around in, let's face it, plastic just isn't that exciting. Thankfully Shawna at Ballerinas and Buckaroos put her creative talent into designing fun, decorative and classy cases for moms who like to have their personality shine through their gear.

At Ballerinas and Buckaroos, there is a large selection of custom wipes cases to choose from. I, being the mom of a three-year-old who already thinks skateboarding is the coolest thing ever, choose the Skater theme wipes case. This wipes case allows me and my son to both show off our personalities ... I always had a "thing" for skaterboarders growing up :) But it also allows me to tote around the much used wipes conveniently.

Another favorite of mine - that I didn't notice until after I ordered my Skater theme case - is the My Little Monkey wipes case. This case just looks so adorable on the website. It's hard for this design not to grab my attention though, being that my nickname for Reagan is "monkey."

Ballerinas and Buckaroos has a variety of themes to choose from including classy gingham prints, fairies, sports and so much more. And Shawna has been so generous to offer all Living a Mom's Life readers a 15% discount on your purchase with coupon code SAV10 at checkout. So go on over to and pick out your favorite case to match you or your child(ren)'s personalities.