Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back Pain and Muscle Relaxers

Some may think that laying around all day would be a wonderful thing. Let me tell you, it gets old quick. It seems I may have strained a few muscles in my back over the weekend. Finally I couldn't take the pain anymore and made a doctor's appointment today. After a few questions and her poking around on my back, I received a prescription for a pain reliever. Unfortunately, pain relievers and a 3-year-old do not make a good combination.

Thankfully I was able to steal some time and a few minutes of shut eye while my son was watching a movie in my lap. If he had wanted to play trains or puppets, we may have had a real problem.

I can't believe that my doctor wants me to take the pain relievers three times a day! I'm going to be a walking zombie - scratch that - I'll be a zombie sinking into the sofa with a three-year-old jumping on my back. But who knows - maybe he'll work out the kinks so I can get back to normal.